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Each day, Donielle provides practical advice in a 1-2 minute session!  Tune in for a daily dose of wisdom and humor to help you live a great life at home and at work!

Oct 4, 2019

This builds off of the previous lesson, but it is the deeper reason that it works. Our faith in God, specifically in Jesus, is the center of our marriage.

Oct 2, 2019

I wrote a blog post about this habit that cullen and I instituted when we engaged. We heard this amazing stat at a couples night out event. 50% of marriages end in divorce. everyone knows that. Then, the pastor shared that 50% of Christian marriages also end in divorce. So no real difference. BUT, for couples who...

Oct 1, 2019

Teamwork in marriage is keeping your eye on the goal and not on the glory. It means doing things for each other because you are on the same team. Some days (and weeks and even months) is means carrying more of the load and then shifting that. Teamwork also means practicing patience, selflessness and honesty with...

Sep 30, 2019

Intimacy and a great sex life are not a given in marriage. But, they are also not impossible. Many people think of sex in marriage as boring and limiting. Quite the contrary, sex in marriage can be freeing, engaging and just plain fun. But, great sex is the result of strong communication, absolute trust and a deep...

Sep 14, 2019

Plan all you want.  Life is going to happen.  How you handle the gap will define your marriage.